Custom designed homes. Personalised master builders. Exceptional value for money.

Through the collaboration and of highly skilled professionals, sharing a singular passion and commitment to excellence, Suite Design and Construct consistently deliver outcomes and experiences that exceed our client’s expectations. We appreciate that every client is unique, having their own individual requirements. As such, our commitment is to provide the highest level of personalised service and strict attention to detail.


Custom Designed

Every client has unique requirements, just as every block presents its own challenges and opportunities. Only a home designed specifically to meet your requirements, and to suit your block perfectly, can achieve the best possible result.

We believe that careful attention to detail during the design phase, ensures that your home reflects your lifestyle and also makes the best use of your land. This way, usable space is maximised both indoors and outdoors.

Importantly, designing your home to allow for your block’s orientation will maximise energy efficiency and guarantee an abundance of natural light to living areas, throughout the year.

Custom Built

Selecting the right builder can be a challenge. Not only do we take the guess work out of this decision, we provide access to a different class of builder – that strives to be the best, rather than the biggest.

Our builders offer the flexibility to meet specific demands, tradespeople of a consistently high standard, expert site supervision, fast build times and most importantly, a level of care and individual attention, only found in boutique builders.

This level of quality and service does not always come at a premium. In fact, we often prove cheaper than our higher volume competitors, due to our far smaller overheads.

Customer Focused

The client sits firmly at the centre of all that we do. Our smaller client load means we can better conform to our clients’ needs, rather than expect our clients to make compromises to suit our systems.

This is reflected in every aspect of the building process, from your first meeting with the designer and continuing long after you get your keys. Our personalised approach is key to creating a beautiful home and maximising the value of your most important investment.

We’ll even give you the option to own copyright to your plans, so if you happen to find better value for money elsewhere, you have the freedom to take them with you.


  • Finance/Budget
  • Land Selection
  • Design
  • Construction

Our blend of design and construction expertise, and fixed price building contract, ensures that we stay within your budget. We can also provide help with arranging finance and quickly determine your borrowing capacity, through a range of lenders.

Every block has many unique factors affecting both design possibilities and build cost. We can provide you the right advice to ensure you make the best choice on land. Whether you’re looking for a block in an established suburb, or perhaps the idea of a discounted lot in a major estate is appealing, we can help find what you’re looking for, through our relationships with agents and developers throughout Perth.

We design the home, to suit your individual requirements and tailor it to your block, to ensure that every square metre is used to its maximum potential. We pay careful attention to all the factors that are unique to your block, such as shape, size, orientation and local planning policies – to guarantee the best possible result.

We offer an exceptionally high standard of construction, truly personalised service and very fast timeframes, through our boutique construction team. It’s the type of service you’d expect from a high end custom builder, just without the hefty price tag.


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