Suite Design and Construct provides a boutique, custom  home design and building service, with a commitment to providing our clients unrivaled value for money.

We offer the high-end service that you’d expect of a boutique home designs firm, in which every team member shares a genuine passion and a commitment to excellence. Our ability to provide competitive pricing, even with more modest budgets, has made the dream of a custom built home viable for many who otherwise would have had to settle for less.

We adopt a client focused approach from concept through to completion, maintaining the highest standards in service and quality. We believe that the journey is equally important as the destination – indeed, the desired result can only be achieved through a series of positive experiences throughout the design and construction process.

By separating the design and construction into two agreements, our process offers numerous advantages to the client – giving you peace of mind and freedom of choice, through the ability to own copyright to your plans.