Custom Home Designs

There is simply no substitute for custom design, in order to produce the greatest result possible within your budget – whether that budget is $300,000 or $3,000,000 for your single or 2 storey home . Despite all we’re led to believe, standard plans represent a compromised approach to home design, existing for the benefit of project builders, yet to the detriment of the client.

Our experience spans every segment of the market, from first home buyer to high end luxury. The knowledge and insights gathered from one market segment are often transferable to another, enabling new and innovative design solutions. For example, the small blocks – and budgets – encountered with first home buyers, call for custom home designs that are highly efficient in terms of space, as well as construction cost. This custom home designs focus is also key in designing unit developments to maximise yield and profit, and when applied to high end homes, boutique builders can ensure quality spaces are created from challenging sites, while avoiding budget blowouts.

We apply our core values of passion, attention to detail and customer focus, to each and every design we undertake, in order to create the kind of home that every client deserves.